Private two-way communication, live feedback, and reference app intended to make presentations more efficient.

UX / UI       Concept Design

-secure audio enabled live feedback, notetaking, and data collecting interface.

-has two profiles: listener and speaker

- intended for speakers who are interested in how people respond to their presentation and listeners who would like to reference material from talks later on to be used as reference material.

-uses patterns based on Facebook Live, Amazon's Alexa and Apple’s Siri, and two-way private communication.

-uses iphone native features: transcription, voice memo


Brief:  Pick a favorite piece from your portfolio to design an app for the client.


1 . The choice is ours... We were told that an easy way to be remembered in the job seeking process is to be different. I had come up with a travel app concept the semester before that would've been easy to adapt to the brief. However, many of my classmates were assigned that same travel assignment. With this, I decided to drop the travel project altogether from my portfolio.

2. BadAssery Women in Comedy Conference is an annual gathering that recognizes the importance of comedy as an artform, establishes where women stand in the industry today and develop plans for the future. They also perform for each other to test out new jokes. This is my client of choice.

3. Established with two different instructors that it was important to go beyond the standard conference app that has a schedule builder and such.

Initial concept: A live feedback app based on periscope and facebook live where listeners can send the speaker their input. In this case, comedians at the conference could write or give other comedians specific feedback to better their jokes.

4. Paper prototypes.

5. User interviews.


Screenshot 2017-04-27 09.33.25
Screenshot 2017-04-27 09.33.42

revised concept: