A zine vending machine, changing perspectives one quarter at a time.

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Snack King is a coin operated venzine machine questioning value and spreading niche ideas found in the zine culture.

You walk away with a zine most definitely, but it's also an experience I'm selling with the help of the contributors.

This process challenges effort.
It tests the individual on their value system and their patience.

I want viewers to ask themselves:

Are these zines worth a $1.00?
Are they worth more?
Are they priceless?
Does price establish credability?
What is money?
Do I value money, time, or effort most?
What does society want me to value most?
Which of my responses are conditioned and what aspect of them are natural?
How does my value system affect my every day life, how could it be different?

Aesthetic inspiration

Eric Andre Show

Contributors :

Benjamin Harral, Connor Shultze, Courtney Ewan, Danielle Green, Gledinburgh, Hailey Giles, Jaime Hernandez, Jordan Clough, Kendall Lyons, Marcus Garza, Misterdudemag, Ross Hutchinson, Stephen Hernandez



View the approved proposal made to Michael Niblett, the Director of the School of Art and Design at Texas State University